Will + Bri | Denver, CO Engagement Photographer

Friends!  These two || SO DREAMY!  I met these two cuties in Denver at a new-to-me, beautiful location a few weekends ago and loved every second of it.  After a year of being together and in sweet sweet love... they booked a getaway for Will's 30th! Cancun?! A year under the belt?  All of the certainty that he is the man of her dreams! Bri was fielding all of the expected girly questions about if he was going to pop the question on the trip.  "Did he have the ring?" "Have you two shopped?"  "Do you think he will ask you?!"  One week, a few beautiful sunsets and lots of sandy memories they boarded a plane without any life changing questions or new jewels on her hands.  You guys!  He knows us all too well and knew it would be expected and not surprising.  One week later, they go on a hike.  They shared a short dialog about the fashionable cargo shorts he was choosing to wear, packed a backpack with a camera - some snacks and oh you know, a ring!!  Will popped the question on a hike where they had their first date.  Sweet guy... kind-hearted and joyful woman.  These two are going to have an incredible wedding in just a little more that six months and I can only imagine the celebration it will be.  

Congrats you two, so happy for you! - karen