Ethan + Julianna | Woodland Park, CO Engagement Photographer

Well friends... If you've known me for any length of time or read any blog posts that I've (karen) have written you know I am a SUCKER for young love!  Not the young love like the fleeting, can't be held on to love but the kind that makes sense from a young age and sticks.  

Meet Ethan and Julianna.  Sweet - sweet souls!  Julianna has a tender heart and a precious spirit about her.  Joy radiates from her, Julianna's very demeanor is welcoming.  Ethan is a sweetheart through and through and loves his woman and his pup.  All smiles from this guy!  Julianna and Ethan don't even stop smiling when they kiss!  It's the best!  There is something so rich about finding out how to do life with someone when you're young and how to adjust to life together... The future Follon's are the type of couple that make a difference and keep the sweetness of love contagious in a world where that culture feels like it's changing in the opposite direction so rapidly. 

I super enjoyed exploring some new areas to photograph these lovebirds in and our conversation felt authentic.  There is so much life left to explore together and there is no doubt in my mind that when their 50th wedding anniversary rolls around they'll have stacks of photo albums that are filled with loving + cherished memories. 

Congratulations sweet ones.  I'm wishing you all of the best!
xx, karen