Jeff + Jeff | Phoenix, AZ Engagement Photographer

I'm in love.

+ mildly obsessed.  I've known this crew for, gosh, maybe eight or nine years.  Jess is stunning, Jeff is kind hearted and sweet Colt... This kid gets cuter every year... He's tender hearted and full of love for his amazing parents.  I actually don't know Jess and Jeff's whole story... But I they've been together for about eleven years and every time I see them, it's like they've fallen more in love with one another.  They're giggly, affectionate, and their love is deep.  I think I may have given them instructions five times over the course of an hour.. they just can't wait to smile, kiss, whisper, share a laugh.  And guess what?!  They're tying the knot, come May, and I'm the lucky one documenting it for them.  I CANNOT wait.  Jess - You'll be breathtaking and Jeff, you are one lucky guy!  You two are doing an incredible job of showing your son how love others well, that's the best kind of parenting there is. xx - karen