Nick + Katie Rae Engaged | Colorado Springs, CO Engagement Photographer

How good is it when dear friends get engaged?  Their whole world lights up and they get to dig in to the nitty gritty of all things wedding!  Here they are entering an entirely new start to life with their favorite human and they get to throw the largest party of their lives with all of their favorites.  No wonder people want to do it all over again once it's finished!

Katie Rae and Nick are signing up for a life full of adventure and movement.  Nick is in the Airforce and already getting stationed out of town in the Spring.  Katie Rae is a mover - she's been all over this beautiful country of ours and marrying someone in Nick's field only makes sense.  She's incredible at plugging in to community and with her sweet spirit and inviting smile, she captures peoples attention immediately.

As a friend of Katie Rae's, I so look forward to participating as much as I can in their story... To listening to their experiences all over the globe and walking through life with them.  Near or far, she's one of those that will stick.  Cannot wait to see their beaming joy in January! xx- karen