A New Chapter

"Change is always good." -"they" say.  I tend to agree.  Let me explain.. 

We all have our left minded friends, we all have our right minded friends.  You guys - when these two blend together, it's a beautiful thing.  However, more commonly we know people who are primarily left minded or right minded, rarely do we find the middle of the road person.  I get that.  
My own career started in full creative, swung over to full business and then I landed with a creative -business in my hands.  It's been so good and such a ride.  I've gone through the growing pains, the ups the downs - highs and lows.  My photography business has taken me across the map and the memories are second to none.  I'm super thankful that I've been blessed to provide for myself in this space.

....Along the way, I've learned that it's really hard to maintain the creative vibe AND run a business at the same time.  It's hard to meet the deadlines of the post work while scheduling appointments, networking, blogging, being the face of the company and responsible for all of the grunt work and behind the scenes work and oh - being at the next 10 shoots.  These struggles are REAL!  Nothing is more disappointing for a business owner than to miss a deadline promised to a client - total failure feeling and it's really frustrating for our client when they're checking their inbox ten times a week for their photo link, to no avail.  

So here we go: Élan Photographie Studio.  These beautiful ladies, Abby Mortenson and Tessa Harvey, have allowed me to partner with them and handle the biz.  Allowing me to take this weight off of their plate and help their business of Photography, we're going to make this system flourish!  I am so honored to facilitate work for Tessa, Abby + Myself and allow for the experience to be amazing through and through for you, our clients.  Welcome to our new collaboration; where three work as one to make an impact in our community, document the special times of your lives and send over your images with a timeless style and ON time.  These girls are raw talents and I'm pumped to work along side of them each day... If you don't know us, Hi, I'm Karen ... Please meet Abby and then meet Tessa.. xo -karen 

"I’ve always struggled with merging the two worlds of art + business. I’ve been one to lean more on the art form and less about the ins and outs of running a business. The idea that EPS can help me focus on my craft while also providing excellent service across the board to our clients is exciting. So the opportunity to join a team and to be able to give a better experience to my clients than I could on my own is a dream come true! We often tell each other, “Strength in Numbers,” and I cannot wait to see how this impacts our community and raises awareness and standards for photography as a whole." - Tessa Harvey

"Life is always better in community. I've been a firm believer in this idea and especially since I moved to Colorado Springs 10 years ago.  This has been a place of amazing community, friendships, and flourishing for me personally and also for my business. As a small business owner/freelancer, it could often get lonely and exhausting working by myself. Since I started my business I've tried to forge relationships with other photographers that I admired and just liked to be around. Karen and Tessa were two of those photographers- and today I am honored and thrilled to be joining them in this strong and meaningful collaboration! " - Abby Mortenson