Mel + Josh | Phoenix Maternity Photography

When your bae is having a babe, you pick up the ol' maternity tricks and take some photos. I actually couldn't be happier about these two meeting their sweet little girl, Piper Rae, in the next days. Lis is due on the 8th and while her body is wrapping up the final details on their newest addition, Joshua is HUSTLING to wrap up the reconstruction on their beautiful home, (note his hands below).  Mel and J's personalities are the perfect match up, their love runs so deep and the joy they find in one another is so apparent. I'm overjoyed thinking about the future that this little one has before her, that she obviously cannot grasp yet. Her life will be filled with impromptu trips, a zillion photos, delicious food, snickers, a set of quality aunties that are eager to love on her and a warm home that overflows with love and stability for her. As much as a gift that Piper is to Mel and Josh, they are to her.

Watching these two go through life together fills me up with joy and hope in so many areas of my own life. This baby growing business has been no different, their spirit and excitement about it all encouraged me jump in on the fun and try to pregnant too... and it worked!! ++ Having our pregnancies overlap has been so much fun and such a blessing. PRAISE for girlfriends who push me forward in life. Cheers sweet friends.. Mel, I cannot wait to have a beer with you again soon. #fourpeaks