Danielle | Colorado Springs, CO Maternity Photography

Hi Friends.. We'd love to introduce our newest addition to the team with this stunning blog post. You may have seen her engagement photos or her wedding photos on the blog previously but now you get to hear from her frequently as she's helping us expand in to maternity and birthing photography! We're super excited about it and can't wait to show you so much family goodness. -karen

"In 2012, I began the process of becoming a Doula. As a human development major in college at the University of Georgia and having spent time in Africa for the last three years, I developed a love and fascination for femininity and especially, for mothers. In that time as a Doula, I assisted several families during deliveries, and saw the miracle that comes from birthing a child. 

That love developed further into a short time working as a nurse's aid at a NICU in Sarasota, Florida and it then developed into a merger of my love for stories as well. I realized how I could take the power of photography and capture that same miracle that comes in the form of motherhood. I realized how taking a camera and showing a women the beauty of carrying a baby in maternity photography can transform the way she views herself as a mother and a woman. Or how using a beautiful boudoir shoot can affirm a previous mother to see her body and the changes that came with motherhood with a beautiful pride rather than with shame. 

It is through the desires and passions to evoke self-confidence and radiance from every women out there no matter what their story, mother or not, that led me to Elan Photographie and further to my first maternity session with Danielle Obenchain. Capturing Danielle in most ways felt easy. She carries such a joy in the pregnancy of her third child and also, in the way she loves on her two other children. It was a dream bringing Danielle's desire of a whimsical, forest maternity session to life and she was a dream herself to work with. 

I am so thankful for this session and hope that these photos of Danielle and her family bless you as much as they have blessed me." - Katie Rae (Click this Katie Rae...)