Aaron + Brianne | Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

All five of these breathtaking humans have a special little piece of my heart. I've known them for ages; Brianne was in my wedding, Aaron's ability to make me laugh for the last 15 years is just stupid and I love each of their babes. As I mentioned in the teaser the other day on Facebook, I've been around this crew for a minute or two and was at the table when Aaron and Brianne announced their exciting pregnancy news about Skyler. Overjoyed! I held Beckham for hours while in the hospital shortly after he was born. Love this kid. And sweet + sassy Zoe, I literally had dreams prior to her birth. Her facial expressions in this shoot have to be my favorite, (make sure you look at the littlest little in each photo for a little chuckle).

This family is a testament of the fruit that sticking out the ups and downs of a high school love can produce. They function fluidly, their love runs incredibly deep and their loyalties for one another are second to none. I'm lucky to get to call them friends and thankful that they let me keep taking their family photos, session after session. xx- karen