Amanda Leann | Colorado Springs , CO Head Shots

B E A U T Y pours from her soul and I swear it's a glowing ambiance that proceeds her, surrounds her and follows her. Her hair? Yes.. But no.. Just that sweet soul that God placed inside of her. What a joy. I was laughing just about as much as she was during this good.

Meet Amanda! She's one of those little gifts that God set up just for me to have (I'm sure that it was clearly just for me) before I moved here. I'm so so thankful to call her a friend. She's the super hard working beautiful face of Peaks Place Coffee and in the midst of her busy life of loving people well and working hard for her fave company evah, she's decided to pursue her passion in event planning. This girlie has already booked so many weddings for day of and full service wedding coordination- I am SO proud of her. It's like she was talking about the dream of it one day and had a booking up fast calendar a week later. I cannot wait to see where her wedding planning + day of event coordinating business soars to over the months and years to come. Before long, she'll just be at ALL of the weddings. And no one will be sad about it.  Her website isn't up just yet, but it's coming soon. In the mean time, if you need someone.. seriously reach out. I'm so happy to send along her contact info! xx - karen