Pollock Maternity Photos | Colorado Springs Family Photographer

Okay so every once in a while I start following someone on social media and it's like, "hey, this person feels like the coolest." Meet, Steph Pollock. I stumbled upon her feed one day while pregnant, huge, tired and procrastinating work at 9am while still in bed and thought to myself, "how have I not met this girl?" So I proceeded to text 3 of my go-to girlfriends in town and asked, "hey do you know this Steph girl on Insta?" "Nope" x3 guys! They either followed her feed or had seen her but didn't know her... So rare in this little town we call home. So anyway, the time came for babe Amos to arrive and I decided to jump on board with the mama's who have it documented and based on her affinity for all things crunchy, ALL of the photos I'd seen of her little and well the cool factor, I connected with Steph. We decided that photography trade was the best option and while I haven't shared many (only one) of the photos she took of Justin, Amos + I, I get to share so many more of her and the sweet family she's calls her own. 

Steph, Austin and Olive are so cute. Olive runs the show but with healthy boundaries as boss. This sweet little sis of hers is going to be smothered in all of the love. Olive lifts mama's dress to "see" baby sister, Mama adores this wildly passionate little love that is her first born and Olive's papa doesn't let their bond get in the way of his share of snuggles, smiles and kisses. Their dynamic feels warm and sincere and they kind of make you feel like you want them to have five kids just cause they're so dang good at loving one another. So heres to instagram followings that allow for friendships and shoots that allow for documenting laughter and lots of snuggles. xx- karen

P.S. my husband bought a new mower and mowed 3/4 of our field after having promised tall grass and while flowers without knowing about my landscape commitments.. so cheers to crop circles and patient husbands too. ha!