Introducing our newest teammate...

Hooray! I’m so thankful. It’s been a wonderful few years in Colorado Springs and with a ton of hard work and welcomed partnerships from local companies + all of you beautiful families, couples, birthing mama’s and every-one-else, even a few photographers that have jumped on board with the brand we’re growing steadily and thankfully. I am excited to bring someone on to help me with all things office.. Emails, scheduling, editing. I wanted to make a special introduction as she’ll likely be the first one you connect with moving forward.

Meet Megan! She’s a Colorado native, a sweet wife, kind hearted as can be and with all of the organization, she’s the perfect match. She’s learning all things photography and growing deeper into her creative groove every day.

Send a little note and say hello or you’ll meet her soon enough via email or at an event. Thanks so much for contributing to our dreams and keeping our business in growth. You feed our families, let us have fun being creative and help facilitate the only naturally lit photography/videography studio in Colorado Springs. We literally couldn’t do it without you!