COS Film Photography Class | KC Lostetter at #theepsstudio

For years, I’ve procrastinated dusting off one of my few film cameras and learning how to use it. When KC Lostetter came to see our photography studio in downtown Colorado Springs the two of us could hardly wait to collaborate on some fashion of a class together. A few weeks ago, it came to fruition. There were just a handful of us but with the pies and the coffee and the print packets that she prepared for us, it felt just right. I ordered a light meter immediately and I’ve been so excited about using up that first roll of film.

Did you know that you can rent Élan Photographie Studio for classes, smaller staff meetings, photo shoots, video shoots and more? I’d love to have you. Our space is here to facilitate creativity and inspire otherwise plain work meetings. Please be in touch!

If you’re interested in the next film class, be it another Film 101 class or the proceeding class to what we just had, please leave a comment. After all, without knowing what you want, how can we curate it for you?

Enjoy these! Thank you for using the studio, KC + for sharing your wealth of knowledge around film. So impressed by you. xx-karen