The ÉPS Studio

I'm thrilled to announce that I've finally opened a brick and mortar space for Élan Photographie Studio in Downtown Colorado Springs. In the few years, I've been back in town I've listened to so many people ask around for space to host shoots in, both video and photo. To have a space that is more neutral than not, clean and aesthetically pleasing. I think I found it... Originally I wanted to build something on the property but this feels a little closer to most of you and I was able to put it together a lot faster than if we had built something. This is a space that I get to share with creatives, influencers and the like within our community both far and wide. I think I've dreamed about what this would look like for years but finally being able to put it into motion has been so satisfying. The studio is for use by others, without me as the photographer. However, I'm around if you're wanting to work with me in the studio. I'll have a little coffee (and whiskey) bar for anyone to sip on when they come by while I'm working day to day and a few items that are usable while you're renting the space. I'm sure the collection will rotate as well as the paint colors on the portable backdrop! xoxo-k 

Click Here for More info on Renting the EPS Studio + more photos.