We're growing...

I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that we've added another photographer to the mix at ÉPS! She's been documenting peoples lives for five years, she's vivacious, full of life and so much fun to work with. She's one of these creatives that does the funky things and they work well... the rest of us are just over here trying all of the things until something sticks. These days she's local to COS but she's native to Chicago and hasn't been a stranger to beach towns too.  I'm thrilled that we have her in the Mountains now. I love being able to refer my loved clients who are familiar with our brand and no stranger to what we're doing while appealing to different budget preferences. Steph is a wonderfully reliable photographer who will make you feel seen and captured during your session and I can't connect her with you. You can read more about who she is here!  

In addition to being a talented photographer, she's the wife to her college sweetheart, Austin and mama to two beautiful very well loved girls, Olive + Pearl. While she's moved all over the map Colorado Springs is where they've created their home and they're hard at work helping people in their community, growing new friendships and encouraging all along the way. Steph is passionate about all that she believes in and it reflects in all facets of her life. Whole Foods is her favortie place to dwell, pedicures are her love language and all she wants to drink is almond milk chai , dirty. You'll be overjoyed to get to know her, to work with her and to have your story framed by way of her lens. 

Steph! You're awesome, so thankful you've jumped on board! Also, happy birthday. I feel like I'm the one being gifted. Here is to a fresh 2018. xx-km + sg


Steph Pollock