Daniel + Kourtney | Sand Dunes Engagement Session

I don't think that I even need to pair words with this shoot, however, I will. While the photos speak for themselves about who these two are as a couple I want you to know that they are an actual dream. I love honest couples. Because I'm a documentary style photographer my focus is capturing real moments, that encapsulate emotion and all of the feelings between people. Two of them or groups of them, I want to be in the background freezing moments that are authentic so that when the humans in those photos catch a glimpse of them they remember the moment, the conversation exchanged, the emotion evoked around the words that are filling the air.

I was fortunate enough to document Daniel and Kourtney's actual engagement at Seven Falls and for obvious reasons there was not a lot socially exchanged between me and them in the few hours to follow, however, I loved being in the midst of them and their most loved circle of people. Family + Friends celebrating one of the happiest moments of their lives and I was there to observe, capture and totally ache to photograph their wedding. 

Their engagement shoot included a 2 hour drive together, the time on the Dunes which were SO windy + a 2 hour drive back to my car. Fast Friends, people, fast friends. The unique + very sweet component to this shoot, because we couldn't hear each other from a distance on the Dunes, due to the wind was blowing 25+mph, so much of this shoot is just them. I literally could only point in directions for them to walk in, the rest is all them! These two encapsulate and display passion, in all facets. Thier intellect is paired with big personalities full of joy, love and humor. These photos bring me so much joy... and again, a yearning for their wedding day to arrive. Cheers, friends. Life is only going to get better... xo-karen