Elizabeth + Blaise | Apartment Living COS

If you think that downtown COS cannot be cool, skip the rest of my words (after this sentence) and just scroll down and soak it in and then leave a comment with one positive comment about Colorado Springs, please.

These two, dreamy, super in-love, artistic humans invited me to document a portion of their last days in their actually amazing apartment and while every part of my city-loving self was thrilled to feel like I was in the midst of a really normal apt in any large city I felt completely honored to capture the story of the Selby's in such a sacred place. Where we dwell tells so much of who we are. The ones we invite into it tell even more of us. Having moved upwards of 20x in between 18-31, I completely resonate with soaking up the last days of a place that holds cherished memories. Good ones that are full of joy and good ones that are full of incredible stretching. I wanted to make sure to snatch up as much of that as I could in a short window... So I may have laid in bed with them, stood on their window frame, on the coffee table, leaned on their kitchen table and everything else you can think of. I wanted to grab those visuals that they've spent hours letting their eyes soak in while thinking through things quietly and talking through with one another, with friends, with their pup. Photoshoots like this fill my cup and as always, my hope is that these images bring them smiles, make them feel things and when they're old that the next generation says, "whoa, that was your apartment? You were SO cool!" xx-k