Rowan Baby | Colorado Springs Newborn Photography

Welcome to the world baby Rowan! You are as sweet as can be and gave me all the baby yawns and smiles to capture. I had so much fun shooting the Lewis family newborn lifestyle photos. Danielle is just a true beauty and Wylie and Rowan are the handsome men of the family. The energy in the home was so sweet to capture from feeding to rocking and snuggling I have all the baby fever. - Steph

Danielle, it has been such a sweet process watching you ache to become a mama, finding out you were pregnant, experiencing your beauty through the carry and hearing about both Wylie and your preparation of home and heart for precious Rowan to join your family. I love you so much and I'm so thankful that you welcomed Steph into your home for these images. May they bring both of you so much joy for decades to come and Rowan laughter at what a cutie he was so tiny when he's a toddler, teenager and adult. xx-k