Scott + Karen | Broadmoor Engagement Photos

While Scott + Karen visited COS, they stayed at our world famous Broadmoor Resort. It's just such a wonderful expression of timelessness and good things kept a specific way. I appreciate the stories the hallways tell and the romantic ambiance that spreads throughout the entire property. When they reached out to me to document their engagement I leaped at the opportunity to tour around and photograph them in all of those sweet, storytelling spots. A stop at the Garden of the God's only made it better. 

My favorite part of documentary photography is learning how people engage with one another. Are they shy, does one need the other to help them feel comfortable, do they hold hands a lot, do they instinctually kiss every chance they get, are they full of secrets to tell one another? Scott and Karen didn't disappoint with their fondness for one another. Karen leans into Scott every chance she gets, eager to hold his hand and follow his lead. He's honored to walk along side her and to be trusted with her glances, her laughter and her delicate spirit. I enjoyed watching them lean into one another during a drink at the bar and then settle into a more snuggled spot on the worn leather couches. They soaked up the views that our GOG offers and looked like elegance while doing so. It was such a sweet session.

I wish you all of the best, Scott and Karen... Your wedding is going to be a beautiful days with intentional and warm feelings throughout. Cheers to you. xx-k