The EPS Studio - Fall Edition | Rentable Photography Studio Colorado Springs

If you’ve been following many of my IG posts you know I’m doing backwards somersaults over the changes that I made at our rentable photography studio downtown. I felt so cool having Elizabeth come and paint an abstract on the wall, I invested in an article couch for you guys after six months of requests for a better seating option and finally added that dreamy camel color to the other side of the backdrop that I’ve been debating about since I opened the doors.

I’ve added a one hour option for studio rentals and removed the 3 day option. These hours are always flexible… Please be sure to ask if you’re in need of something you don’t see.

I’ve had a few videographers rent out the studio for some really amazing projects in the past few months and I’m really excited to share those with you once I’ve gotten my hands on them.

I am so thankful for each of you who have used the studio, those of you follow along and others that want to and haven’t had just the right need for it yet. Hopefully, the time comes soon!

A few ideas of what to use it for:

Styled Shoots | Florals | Jewelry | Candle Product | Lifestyle Head Shots | Formal Head Shots | Family Photos | Newborn Photos | Boudoir Photos | Product (mini cyclo wall available) | Videography | Lifestyle Images for Social Media | Lay Flats |

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from my open house last week. There was such a mix of people and while I didn’t get to spend a ton of time with each person it touched my heart having each one around. xx-karen

PC was a mix between Adam Morley and I and you too Mariana.
Donuts: Blank Coffee + Food
Donut Wall: Amanda Leeann Weddings


Items in Studio for use while renting:

1 brown couch
1 leather/wood side table
1 smaller wooden table (contemporary)
4 foldable, sturdy, leather chairs (mid-mod)
1 Green contemporary chair
2 white desks
1 black Acupolco chair
1 sheepskin rug
1 8x10 neutral rug
1 tall white floor lamp
2 black string lights / large bulbs
2 white string lights / large bulbs
1 ground spotlight (decor style)
1 large cream w/ bird print Navajo blanket 
1 traditional Mexican blanket
2 clothing racks + hangers