Extended Family | Colorado Springs Family Photography

What a wonderful way to have wrap up my 2018..

In my gallery return letter to the Tullis family I wrote, “I am so thankful that you invited in me into a part of your Christmas weekend. You're obviously beautiful people and you hear it all of the time. The compliments don't fall on deaf ears, I know. Although I have to make to note of the beauty that presents itself and while of course, you're each photogenic it's actually not at all what made these photos some of my best from 2018. The way a family interacts with one another says so much about who they are as individuals and as a unit. I am touched as I go through these photos and reflect on the short 20 minutes we spent together. You are caring, kind-hearted, tender, driven and loving, independently and together. You care so deeply for one another, embrace each other and are patient. Wherever you are- all over the world, you each stand out. For the beauty that precedes each of you, your depth and heart substantiate it.” -k

I'm honored to have documented the crew. What a wonderful world we live in, full of incredible humans and lovely things. Cheers to a new year. xx-k