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Do you work for a company but have this dream inside of you to do something bigger? Or to work for yourself? Have meetings at coffee shops and over drinks? I’m here to say it can happen and I’m excited that you’re spending some time day dreaming about it. Please know the work is relentless at the start of making a dream come to life and that chaos can last for a long while but it is exciting and totally worth it. Today’s encouragement is to start putting an actual pen to actual paper.

Make Lists
Set Goals
Find out what is required of this new thing
If you’re driven by finances, how much is the best person making in that field. Is it enough?
Do you need specific licenses?
Will you need/want employees one day?
How much will a website cost?
How many years before you want it to be your full time career?

Please don’t,

Quit your job the day you decide to chase the dream.
Spend all of the money up front and bury yourself in debt
Believe that successful business happens overnight or without any time consumed.

It’s a really exciting place to be when you own a business and it finds success. I encourage with all of my heart for you to try but just remember that steady is smooth and smooth is fast. Be organized and prepare for long hours until your own business can cover the bills, then quit the day job. I’m rooting for you!

Have a field you want to dip into? We want to hear about it. Have specific questions and think that we can answer it? Contact us! We’d love to support your dreams however we can.

xx-k + the ÉPS team.

Sarah Osterhus @ #theepsstudio , Downtown Colorado Springs

Sarah Osterhus @ #theepsstudio , Downtown Colorado Springs