International Women's Day | Lululemon + Cycology Event

Lululemon - If you’ve spent much time on my social media channels, primarily @fortitudeandfinn you probably already know that I have a deep love for the company and the product. When they asked if I’d host a photo booth at Cycology for International Women’s Day, I couldn’t help but leap toward the YES. They’re focused and motivated to make the playing field level and work to reinforce the strengths that humans contain and want to express. All parties equal. I love that.

Cycology , a local bike to the beat studio, will WORK you out! I love spending at least 45 minutes a week there, sometimes more, to make my heart race and remind me where I’m at that week. Some weeks I feel like a million bucks, others I just cannot hang but I’m glad I showed up. It helps me reset.

Here are few snap shots from our morning. We spent it quickly taking the images and airdropping images to all of the ladies. They setup the backdrop and requested b&w. LOVE that.
Enjoy! xx - Karen + Megan