Bride + Groom Feature

So often I get to work with adorable humans and all so often I get to develop a relationship with them outside of work. These two married last year and if you’ve read other posts, you likely know that we became fast friends. I so look forward to each time I get to see either of them, both of them or all three of them. I love following them on IG, getting into long text convos with Kourtney and hearing with Daniel and Justin are texting. It all warms my heart. I’m so very thankful for the network of lovely people that my work has introduced me to. Thank you, everyone, for following along, participating, trusting me and my team and loving me well throughout the last 10+ years.

This week, Kourtney and Daniel have been featured on my personal blog, Fortitude and Finn. I wanted to make sure for the dedicated readers here, you see where they are now. Enjoy!