Branding Photography | Boutique Fitness Photography

I’ve long had a heart and mind for marketing and getting excited about business growing. I’m always at the front of the line cheering it on and contributing whatever I have to offer in order to watch it blossom and increase for the ones that I know and love.

While our studio focuses on a lot of portraiture work that falls into the personal side of life, I really love love love getting to build digital assets for business- big and small. Since living in Colorado Springs, I’ve had so many cool photo shoots with game changers in our community. Fitness boutiques have been a huge portion of that. I wanted to share a handful of images from my time with Cycology Spin Studio in Downtown. If you follow me on @fortitudeandfinn you know it’s my JAM for a good cardio. I love it. I’ve paused a bit in the last month based on my ability during pregnancy. This most might just be because I miss seeing their faces every week….

Do you have a business that needs updated images? Are you finding yourself unsure of which picture to use to post on social media yet? Let’s talk about a monthly or bi-monthly photography plan to help keep that content fresh! I’d love to work with you.