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Tom + Skyler Engaged | Colorado Engagement Photographer

Never thought I'd see the day... ok jk jk. This one means a lot to my husband, Justin, and me. Tom is one of his longest friends and one of our best. He's also one of the most loyal, genuine, loving and fun friends that we share. Shortly after I started dating Justin, he and Tom became roommates which then turned into common law marriage (sans romance, mostly) and somewhere in the midst of that time line those two let me into their little friendship. I've spent hours laughing, angry cleaning, possibly crying a little bit with this guy; we've about a thousand little debbie treats between the two of us and the three of us have watched way too much t.v. together over the years. I've been around for a lot of things and heard even more stories- oh my gosh, hours of stories. And so when I heard Tom was dating someone seemingly serious after I took a short hiatus from CO, I was anxious to meet this girl! Enter Skyler. She is a GEM. An absolute sweetheart who loves dancing, hiking, their puppy and literally knows every word to every song. I've never met a lyrical genius like this girl. She's intelligent, beautiful and adores our Tom. They are so lucky to have found each other...

We (J + I) love the two of you so much and we can't wait for July to arrive so that we can marry Tom off. Olive Juice! -km

Jess + Jeff | Laveen, AZ Wedding Photographer

I GUSH for these three.... soon to be four. Oh my! If you took a peek at their engagement session a several posts back you're familiar with my affinity for them. 

I was so honored to document their day. I've looked forward to this wedding (secretly) for years. I only hoped that they'd ask me to and when they did? LEAPS for joy! And it didn't disappoint. Their day was filled with calm and readiness. Every detail was so intentional and every person that attended was overflowing with love, support and goodness for this couple.  I hope these images spark all of romantic feels in you. 

Jess, Jeff and Colton... I hope that when you dig through these images you're reminded of the sweet moments that filled the day.. I hope you're reminded that it was all worth waiting for and I hope that Colton looks back and thinks about how wonderful his parent's sweet wedding day was. That it was as much about him as it was the two of you. The love the three of you share is unique and will be increased so beautifully by that baby girl you're growing. Love to you! xx- karen



Seth + Lauren | Colorado Springs, CO Engagement Photographer

I met Seth when he was a 15 year-old high school kid. He's my husband's younger brother and he's such a great guy. Although the Mortenson's come from New York, many of the kids have made it out to Colorado. A few years ago, I met Lauren at a photoshoot and we connected on Facebook shortly after that. I like to think I had a little something to do with Seth and Lauren meeting. Somehow they realized through social media that they went to the same high school and were both living in Colorado. They connected and the rest, they say, is history. They'll be getting married back in New York in the spring. I loved getting to spend some time photographing them for their engagement pictures during our recent camping trip in Steamboat Springs. They're a beautiful couple and I'm so grateful I get to call them family.  - Abby

Letina + Tony | Telluride, CO Wedding Photographer

Sometimes we make choices in life based on experiences or circumstances that are formed around us.  Things that we have no control over, things we have zero say in ... and they shape us.  They make us who we are, teach us what we stand for, and the experiences that we want to duplicate or steer clear from.  It's good.  Our foundations are rich with texture and with grateful spirits we strive to become the best version of ourselves.

Letina is one of the hardest working, most loving, encouraging woman that I've met.  I was introduced to her so - so long ago and she just stuck in my brain, throughout all of my adventures.  Her independence, her transparency, her honesty and her enthusiasm for being present and making life what you want to see of it was remarkable and left a lasting impression on me.  Most woman I knew were independent but felt incomplete without a man, Letina was confident and sure footed without the need for a man to fill the gap.. This mindset felt really unique to me but good.  I moved away from Colorado and time spent connecting was far and few between, FB likes and such, but when I learned that she was engaged I was in awe and so thrilled.  So curious about WHO he could've been.  What he must be like?

I was sure of one thing, Letina would never settle for less than the one who complimented her fully - He had to make her soul joyful, to create a longing to spend as much time with him as she could.  Nothing less than the man who made her feel a completeness that she didn't know was lacking would do the trick. My meeting Tony and spending the majority of the day with these two during their wedding, made my day and answered all of my questions. Sure enough, Tony pulls a peaceful joy that is most sincere and pure from Letina.  You can see that there is a soothing and an awe from the both of them for one another.  They are tender hearted toward each other, they are full of laughter and graciousness.  Kisses, smiles, vows, happiness.  This day centered around the Leix's was an absolute treasure.  It flew by and on my insides I felt their peacefulness and I felt thankful for a reminder that love is always worth trying.. It's worth waiting for .. and it's worth choosing to partake in.  

Thank you, Sweet friends, for having us capture your beautiful Telluride wedding day.  STUNNING.

With love, karen

Photography Studio: Élan Photographie Studio
Photographer: Karen Mitchell
Second Shooter: Rachel Long
Venue: Peaks Resort and Spa