Flying Horse Ranch Bridal Show | January 13, 2018

Happy New Years, Friends. The holiday season often brings in so many exciting engagements along with and if you're recently engaged or in the midst of planning your wedding, we'd love to be a part of your sweet day. Lucky for you there are a few incredible venues hosting bridal shows this month. We couldn't help ourselves and we're jumping in on the wedding planning fun!

On January 14th we'll be participating in Flying Horse Ranch's Bridal show, and we'd love to see you! Katie Rae Bode and Sean Godfrey are also primary shooters at our studio and fortunately, Sean gets to attend! Katie Rae has prior engagements out of state but I'll be happy to answer any questions about her and her incredible photography skills on her behalf! All event details can be found in the link below. There will be SO many awesome vendors and yummy treats to snack while you're shopping around. Feel free to reach out with any questions before or after. Hope to see you there!

Want to attend? Click here to register:
Stay tuned for next show's details too!!

Skinner's Expecting | Columbus, MS Maternity Photographer

The Skinners are expecting their first babe and Gwen is glowing with every bit of pregnancy glow as you could imagine. Between all of her sweet smiles at her belly, the love between mom and dad, and the beautiful lighting that day, the shoot truly was dreamy. I had so much fun with these two and how easy they made taking their photos, even when a lab who wasn't theirs came and joined their shoot determined to be adopted by their family. I am so thankful for my time with the Skinners and so excited for this new addition to their family. - Katie Rae

Paige + Cory | Colorado Springs Photography

I won't share too many because I don't want to spoil all of the holiday card fun but they're just too stinkin' cute to skip over. Paige and Cory spent the last few years calling Colorado Springs home and while I only met Paige at the very end of their stay here it didn't take long to figure out that she is just sweet as pie. They get to call Fort Collins home now and then they'll be off to the next place when Cory's work calls him elsewhere. It never siezes to amaze me how families who serve in the military choose over and over again to be playable, make new friends, call new cities home and love each other so much that their people truly are their one constant home. I respect it, love it and learn a little something each time I get to be around people with hearts like that. So thankful for the choices this couple makes in order to help our families live the way we live. Paige and Cory + Breck, I loved my afternoon with you! You're so joyful and refreshing. I hope this isn't the last time that I get to photograph your lives. xx- karen

Tom + Skyler Engaged | Colorado Engagement Photographer

Never thought I'd see the day... ok jk jk. This one means a lot to my husband, Justin, and me. Tom is one of his longest friends and one of our best. He's also one of the most loyal, genuine, loving and fun friends that we share. Shortly after I started dating Justin, he and Tom became roommates which then turned into common law marriage (sans romance, mostly) and somewhere in the midst of that time line those two let me into their little friendship. I've spent hours laughing, angry cleaning, possibly crying a little bit with this guy; we've about a thousand little debbie treats between the two of us and the three of us have watched way too much t.v. together over the years. I've been around for a lot of things and heard even more stories- oh my gosh, hours of stories. And so when I heard Tom was dating someone seemingly serious after I took a short hiatus from CO, I was anxious to meet this girl! Enter Skyler. She is a GEM. An absolute sweetheart who loves dancing, hiking, their puppy and literally knows every word to every song. I've never met a lyrical genius like this girl. She's intelligent, beautiful and adores our Tom. They are so lucky to have found each other...

We (J + I) love the two of you so much and we can't wait for July to arrive so that we can marry Tom off. Olive Juice! -km

Phoenix Family Minis | Sean Godfrey

On Sunday, we had fun. Our spot may have been invaded by six other photographers (dang it) but also, great minds think alike and great locations are easy to swarm. This day was packed with some of my all-time faves and longest clients. I'm pumped to have Sean photographing for ÉPS and Sunday was the perfect kick-off to an exciting year with him as part of the studio. Coffmans, Noonans, Arnolds and Sawyers... you are beautiful humans with lots of joyful moments, things and loved ones to be thankful for and I'm so thankful that you let us capture a few quick moments with your most cherished people. Love you! xx- Karen + Sean

Columbus Family Mini Sessions | Katie Rae

Mini-sessions are usually just 20 minutes which with a family sounds like it might be stressful but this last Saturday turned out to be anything but. I spent the day with six amazing families who were filled with so much joy, that they made our short time together so fun. From capturing to the edit, this experience of my Fall mini-sessions has been a gift and I am so thankful to share these beautiful families with the world. Enjoy these photos and if you are lucky enough to know one of these special families, consider yourself blessed! -Katie Rae

Liles Family | Phoenix Family Photographer

When you run a home with four boys, well five, life is busy the volume is turned up, laughter runs rampant and oh man is it fun?! Fallon is one of those who I knew of for years and had met several times at this or that but we never made the time to be intentional with one on one time. That being said, she is also one of those that I get super excited to see each time I know we're going to be at the same function. She's always smiling, she's not afraid of being honest and she's a blast- especially after a drink or two. This girl and her handsome guy, Chris are raising these boys to be all of that. Fun and boisterous but also totally having one anothers backs. In our 45 mintues together I saw the boys laugh, tease, poke and prod as they should and comfort one another. Where there is a bouncing boy who is compassionate and loving there are two parents earning an extra special spot in heaven one day. Thanks so much for letting me take these photos this year. Love you guys! xx-karen

Kain Family | Columbus, Mississippi Family Photographer

Jenni Kain is one of those people that blesses everyone she meets. From her kindness, she shows to a stranger to her love for her family and her husband’s future. She is a servant, a true friend, and just a fun addition to anyone’s season of life. 

I am so thankful to not only document their family at the infamous Mississippi cotton fields but to have gotten to grow in friendship with this sweet family before they move across the country. 

I loved every bit of this shoot, from seeing her kids sassy personalities come out to then editing them and recreating those moments for the Kains to cherish forever. So thankful for this family and the honor to document their time spent in the south. xx- Katie Rae

Jennifer + Mike & their precious Boys | Phoenix Family Photographer

If you've followed my work for any length of time, you've seen the sweet faces of these little guys before. Their kind spirits shine through their eyes and the way they so deeply care for one another is beyond their years. They're loved for well and have a full life and the interactions make me feel like a special part of their lives, in order to be asked to document their growth year after year. I cannot believe it's been four years since I photographed Mike + Jennifer's backyard wedding. Happy Anniversary you two and thank you so much for giving in to my desert backdrop dreams. xo - karen

Grace + Logan | Colorado Springs Family Photography

The afternoon was stormy and sprinkling before and after our time playing in Red Rocks Park but it sure made for a beautiful sky and some dreamy light. Grace + Logan. If you know them, you love them. They're so cute. She was so full of laughter during the entire shoot and he's doing nothing short of pursuing her sweetly by continuing to give her reasons to laugh. It's not because he can't do what I'm saying or take this picture taking business seriously but it's because if he pretends otherwise her smile reaches all of the way across. her pretty face. Thanks for letting me take these photos for you... Life is so full right now with work, drinks, friends, family- the list goes on. Sometimes it's healthy to take a few minutes with the one we love most and let it create pause. xx- karen

Warren + Anna | Colorado Springs Engagement Photography

Smitten: Google it, Webster it, any way you look at it - you'll see Anna's photo. She is filled with love for her guy. Her giggles, full face smiles and confidence with her man by her side shows how much she cares for him. In the time I spent with these two sweet humans I was over joyed for the love that they share. Warren finds happiness in making Anna smile and Anna can't wait to laugh again. It feels a little like a 50's based movie when the new crush is turning in to something more... Except these two are so much more vested than that and are starting the newest chapter of their lives on this Saturday. I'm SO pumped to see the ways they love on their family and friends if this is how they love one another.

Things I'm looking forward to on Saturday...1) Photographing Anna's beautiful freckles. 2) A Fall wedding. 3) Their first look and 4) Documenting everyone being smothered in love. Get ready to have your pictures taken friends...

Pollock Maternity Photos | Colorado Springs Family Photographer

Okay so every once in a while I start following someone on social media and it's like, "hey, this person feels like the coolest." Meet, Steph Pollock. I stumbled upon her feed one day while pregnant, huge, tired and procrastinating work at 9am while still in bed and thought to myself, "how have I not met this girl?" So I proceeded to text 3 of my go-to girlfriends in town and asked, "hey do you know this Steph girl on Insta?" "Nope" x3 guys! They either followed her feed or had seen her but didn't know her... So rare in this little town we call home. So anyway, the time came for babe Amos to arrive and I decided to jump on board with the mama's who have it documented and based on her affinity for all things crunchy, ALL of the photos I'd seen of her little and well the cool factor, I connected with Steph. We decided that photography trade was the best option and while I haven't shared many (only one) of the photos she took of Justin, Amos + I, I get to share so many more of her and the sweet family she's calls her own. 

Steph, Austin and Olive are so cute. Olive runs the show but with healthy boundaries as boss. This sweet little sis of hers is going to be smothered in all of the love. Olive lifts mama's dress to "see" baby sister, Mama adores this wildly passionate little love that is her first born and Olive's papa doesn't let their bond get in the way of his share of snuggles, smiles and kisses. Their dynamic feels warm and sincere and they kind of make you feel like you want them to have five kids just cause they're so dang good at loving one another. So heres to instagram followings that allow for friendships and shoots that allow for documenting laughter and lots of snuggles. xx- karen

P.S. my husband bought a new mower and mowed 3/4 of our field after having promised tall grass and while flowers without knowing about my landscape commitments.. so cheers to crop circles and patient husbands too. ha!

Johnson Family | Columbus, Mississippi Family Photography

"Getting to witness a family that is filled with joy and friendship is such an honor - and the Johnson family is just that. Upon meeting this family, a few short months ago, I was immediately drawn to Andie and Dan's kindness and just pure fun that makes you want to surround yourself with them. And their daughter Lily has a sassy nature and sweet stare that draws a crowd. I was thrilled when they asked me to capture this all and tell the story of their sweet family. 

So, on a dusky Saturday night in Mississippi, I captured the authentic love wrapped in these three. With only one slight setback of a snake on the Johnson's porch (a serious problem in MS), the night really was perfect. Lily ate tootsie rolls in between shots as we all enjoyed the golden hour of the humid south. With Lily just turning two and new adventures in Mississippi to remember, these photo serve as a sweet reminder of the seasons that come. Enjoy."  -Katie Rae 

Jess + Jeff | Laveen, AZ Wedding Photographer

I GUSH for these three.... soon to be four. Oh my! If you took a peek at their engagement session a several posts back you're familiar with my affinity for them. 

I was so honored to document their day. I've looked forward to this wedding (secretly) for years. I only hoped that they'd ask me to and when they did? LEAPS for joy! And it didn't disappoint. Their day was filled with calm and readiness. Every detail was so intentional and every person that attended was overflowing with love, support and goodness for this couple.  I hope these images spark all of romantic feels in you. 

Jess, Jeff and Colton... I hope that when you dig through these images you're reminded of the sweet moments that filled the day.. I hope you're reminded that it was all worth waiting for and I hope that Colton looks back and thinks about how wonderful his parent's sweet wedding day was. That it was as much about him as it was the two of you. The love the three of you share is unique and will be increased so beautifully by that baby girl you're growing. Love to you! xx- karen



Justin + Erin | Colorado Springs Maternity Photography

How sweet is it to make new friends? How much sweeter is it to become fast friends that just fall on to the same page in so many regards? That's Erin for me. I adore this woman. I've posted about her business before in other fashions of social media and respected her mission from afar but since messaging her massage therapy studio for some prenatal attention, we've really clicked. I didn't know she was pregnant and we hadn't announced to many so it was super low key but I really wanted in for a massage sooooooo... she texted me and shared her news as well. Since then. Yes! Praise for girlfriends. Enough about us though...

Meet Erin and her hubs, Justin. We laugh because both of our Justin's are often behaving in the same way... They're funny and sometimes serious with hints of urgency about some things and not so much urgency about other things. BUT the good news is, that they're both really excited to become dad's ... to meet their little loves and guide them through their lives. Erin and Justin are being blessed with a little girl just ten days after us... According to the "due date." I think they'll get to meet their girl first though... And if they do, you better believe I'm documenting that babe's first moments. I can only imagine the ways she be oodled over, loved and doted upon. She is SO blessed and doesn't even know it. Erin and Justin are going to be incredible parents. They've already done so much to ensure her sweet arrival is as smooth and healthy as it can be. Ugh! Can't wait... This maternity photo shoot was a dream and this baby's life is going to be so much dreamier.  PST... aren't they so cute?!

Amanda Leann | Colorado Springs , CO Head Shots

B E A U T Y pours from her soul and I swear it's a glowing ambiance that proceeds her, surrounds her and follows her. Her hair? Yes.. But no.. Just that sweet soul that God placed inside of her. What a joy. I was laughing just about as much as she was during this good.

Meet Amanda! She's one of those little gifts that God set up just for me to have (I'm sure that it was clearly just for me) before I moved here. I'm so so thankful to call her a friend. She's the super hard working beautiful face of Peaks Place Coffee and in the midst of her busy life of loving people well and working hard for her fave company evah, she's decided to pursue her passion in event planning. This girlie has already booked so many weddings for day of and full service wedding coordination- I am SO proud of her. It's like she was talking about the dream of it one day and had a booking up fast calendar a week later. I cannot wait to see where her wedding planning + day of event coordinating business soars to over the months and years to come. Before long, she'll just be at ALL of the weddings. And no one will be sad about it.  Her website isn't up just yet, but it's coming soon. In the mean time, if you need someone.. seriously reach out. I'm so happy to send along her contact info! xx - karen

Leah Behr | Colorado Springs Fashion Blogger

Photographing woman and photographing people in the midst of what gets them excited about life is where photography really came to life for me. I LOVE shooting boudoir because it's closest to fashion without being in LA or NYC.. I LOVED shooting Leah because she's a highlight of fashion in our sweet little city and makes me feel like we have a bit of that here in the Springs. More clothing than a boudoir session but just as much intention behind the outfitting and the inspirations for our time together. 

Spring in COS ... Spring anywhere but Phoenix is AH-mazing! It's so full of all of these beautiful blossoms, rich pinks and purples, whites and fresh greens, in every shade. Letting my eyes feast on Spring always means that I survived another Winter and I can start digging out my suntan oil for the Summer ahead of us. I SAVOR every day from the break of Spring's warmth to the very last drop of heat in the Summer. However, I don't often have someone to drag around downtown and take photos of in the midst of all of the blooming. Enter Leah. This GEM of a human arranged the cutest outfits that scream Spring, Summer and all of the goodness. Leah is bubbly and full of life. An encourager, lover and fashionista, if I do say so myself. I like following her trendy feed on IG (@leah_behr - formerly @eatpraywearlove) because she's always trying new things.. The feed she's curated is full of staples as well as funky, spunky items that I need to see on instead of on the hangar. Everything is easy to buy through and obvi I always love someone who is killing it in their space. Get it, Leah. You're just too cute! xx -karen

Click to see her whole blog: HERE

Danielle | Colorado Springs, CO Maternity Photography

Hi Friends.. We'd love to introduce our newest addition to the team with this stunning blog post. You may have seen her engagement photos or her wedding photos on the blog previously but now you get to hear from her frequently as she's helping us expand in to maternity and birthing photography! We're super excited about it and can't wait to show you so much family goodness. -karen

"In 2012, I began the process of becoming a Doula. As a human development major in college at the University of Georgia and having spent time in Africa for the last three years, I developed a love and fascination for femininity and especially, for mothers. In that time as a Doula, I assisted several families during deliveries, and saw the miracle that comes from birthing a child. 

That love developed further into a short time working as a nurse's aid at a NICU in Sarasota, Florida and it then developed into a merger of my love for stories as well. I realized how I could take the power of photography and capture that same miracle that comes in the form of motherhood. I realized how taking a camera and showing a women the beauty of carrying a baby in maternity photography can transform the way she views herself as a mother and a woman. Or how using a beautiful boudoir shoot can affirm a previous mother to see her body and the changes that came with motherhood with a beautiful pride rather than with shame. 

It is through the desires and passions to evoke self-confidence and radiance from every women out there no matter what their story, mother or not, that led me to Elan Photographie and further to my first maternity session with Danielle Obenchain. Capturing Danielle in most ways felt easy. She carries such a joy in the pregnancy of her third child and also, in the way she loves on her two other children. It was a dream bringing Danielle's desire of a whimsical, forest maternity session to life and she was a dream herself to work with. 

I am so thankful for this session and hope that these photos of Danielle and her family bless you as much as they have blessed me." - Katie Rae (Click this Katie Rae...)

Brecken + Justin | Phoenix, AZ Maternity Photography

I mean. I don't even have to say anything, just dig in. Brecken is stunning in every way... She literally spends more time giggling around Justin than not. To validate, Justin actually is funny and in that unexpected dry way that really gets you. He is such a protector of his sweet family- and this little man in Brecken's belly, Finley, is going to be such a prince. I cannot wait to adventure through some of this parenting life with the Blades.  Salt of the earth...