Hey Ladies!!  It's your time to SHINE.  As much or as little as you want to show off, we're around to walk you through everything!  Boudoir shoots are the JAM.  So much fun, so liberating, encouraging and fun!  ++ Sometimes, boozy. We're a team of woman who understand that showing the camera what you show your person can feel like a lot but it's beautiful and cherished and so much fun to document.  Some of us have focused business solely on boudoir photography previous to the collaboration of Élan, and our expertise have been shared all around.  We're pumped that you're feeling brave and excited about this photo-shoot and cannot wait to hear from you!  Please be in touch soon, we're here to answer questions, style you and highlight your favorite parts  Oh + if you want to see more, let us know in the email, we'll send you to our locked gallery! xx

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