I'm a big fan of mantra that family is first.  Our family members are the ones that know us best and love us through it.  Be it the ones you grew up with, the one you married, the little fur-babies we love so dearly or the ones we call our kiddos, they're our people.  Who better to be photographed laughing along side of? Family photography has been the bread and butter of my business over the years and I love the idea of meeting some new faces in the midst of catching up with the ones I've been documenting for years! ... So fill up our inbox with your contact information and let's take some pictures!!  Oh + if you want to see more, follow us on Instagram at: @elanphotographiestudio. Talk soon.  xx!

Stephanie took my wedding pictures, baby announcement, and maternity photos! To say we like her photography style would be an understatement. She is great at what she does and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We are so grateful to have those pictures to look back at. She captured the moments beautifully!
— The Carter Family | Colorado Springs, CO
Karen shot our holiday card photos this past year and they were exactly what I was hoping for. Not only did she scout the perfect location as backdrop but she was more than flexible around our needs, it’s not easy shooting photos of three bulldogs! Karen was able not only to accommodate our pack but made us feel at ease while doing it. Her images were clean, modern, and captured our families personalities. The photos are framed in our home as they will be timelessly beautiful throughout the years.
— Markus + Sara Tava | Colorado Springs Family Photography
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