Élan Photographie Studio is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I am, Karen Mitchell, Owner and Primary Photographer of our downtown based studio. For the past ten years I have travel world-wide to capture the special days of families, couples and companies. I would absolutely love to document this significant experience at the, COS Debutante Ball, for each of these young women and their families. My extensive experience with formal events includes upwards of 100 weddings in New York City for one of the most high end photography studios located in Manhattan. You may see a sampling of formal attire and candid moments that I've been invited to document in the recent past. I know a few young women who have been through your program and my cousin accompanied one of them a handful of years ago. I understand the weight of meaningful tradition for all parties involved and I'd be honored to contribute my skillset to this heritage of Colorado Springs. I love the history of Colorado Springs and participating in each one helps me to feel even more connected with the city. I love that.
Email: km@elanphotographiestudio.com
Phone: 602.423.2256

Please see below images for proposal information and references.


Name: Dr. Kourtney Aylor
Event: Their formal engagment
Location: Seven Falls at the Broadmoor
Phone Number: 913.634.8843

Name: Coley Arnold
Event: Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market   (click name for link to website)
Location: Scottsdale, AZ | San Diego, CA | Pamona, CA
Phone Number: 480.215.8953

Event Photography:

Hourly Rate Primary Photographer: $375  x10 hours of time: $3750
One Second Photographer required: $650
Family Sitting Fee: $350 per family inclusive of 2 5x7 prints per family
Each family will be provided with an online link + pin to download their images along with the two 5x7 prints.
Online link with download pin will be supplied to the organization which can be distributed to all families. This allows for each family to download whichever photos they'd like.
1 group photo of Debutantes provided at $10 per 5x7

Base Fee for the Colorado Springs Debutante Ball: $4,400
Fee for Each Family ranging: $350-$360