B O U D O I R   P A C K A G E

Green Mountain Falls

Green Mountain Falls


”I love the pictures! Thank you so much – they are truly wonderful.” - Erin

“I was surprisingly comfortable, being that I was so nervous about this shoot! It really helped when you let me take a minute for a deep breath...” - Pb

“I was visiting with a man coming back from some mission work in Guatemala on the plane yesterday and he was saying that there are three versions of ourselves in a relationship, the person we think we are, the person we would like to be and the person we are. When I saw the proof 4071, it made me think of this, and I think this is the person I would like to be and that may be why it is one on my favorites.” - Arin

“I want you to know that I am super excited about this book. I love the pictures and I know he will too. I seriously do LOVE THEM!” - Megan

“I really loved the pics & so did B. I can't thank you enough. “ - Jen

“love love love these! canʼt wait for our next session.” - kay “Thanks for the book info!!!! Thank you!!!! You are AMAZING, as a woman and a photographer + woman photographer!” - Ang

I N V E S T M E N T    

Hair Styling and Makeup Application (1.5 Hours)
1 - 1.5 Hour Shoot
Up to 5 Outfits
Style Consulting
Makeup + Hair services are provided in this package
Private Online Gallery for viewing adjusted Images
Link for immediate download of images, upon completion of Adjustments
Always a cool location

M A K E  U P + H A I R   I N F O R M A T I O N

Your hair and makeup artist (s) will be able to both customize your look to what makes you feel comfortable while making your natural beauty pop.
Each is experienced in their field + will make you feel beautiful while being pampered.
 The fees for those services are included in the investment of this package.

S M A L L   P R I N T

These pictures will be posted in a private/secure online gallery within four weeks of your shoot.  You are able to pay cash or write a check out to ´Elan Photographie Studio LTD.
Book Pricing can be sent separately and start at $215.
Photo Printing options available and start at $25.
Printing images on Matte Paper is available through ÉPS.
**The Payment for a book will need to be made previous to Élan Photographie Studio LTD ordering it. 
You do not have to order a book through ÉPS.